About August Door Lock Company

August is a well-known smart lock and home security company founded in San Francisco in 2012.

It produces a variety of smart door locks and accessories.

August was acquired in 2017 by ASSA ABLOY, a larger conglomerate of home access solution companies.

August Smart lock Review
August Smart lock Review

About August smart locks

August smart locks are generally intuitive, easy to install, and are designed to integrate with numerous smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

August currently offers three types of smart locks:
  1. Smart Lock, a basic smart door lock and the company’s most affordable option.
  2. Smart Lock Pro, which is a little lighter and smaller than the basic Smart Lock.
  3. WiFi Smart Lock, which doesn’t require an additional WiFi Bridge device.

Both the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro require an extra WiFi Bridge device to connect the Bluetooth locks to a WiFi network.

But all August smart door locks include Bluetooth functionality out of the box.

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The August Smart Lock is the most basic lock available from the company.

It’s also the most affordable, even compared to the higher tiers of locks with sales or bundle discounts.

Overall, it’s a user-friendly smart lock device that takes less than 10 minutes to install.

The August Smart Lock goes over an existing deadbolt so you don’t have to change your lock hardware or keys.

That said, it’s a little heavy compared to other smart lock options, clocking in at 15.5 ounces.

To enable all the features this lock offers, you’ll need to pair it with an August Connect WiFi Bridge.

The Connect is a device that connects your Bluetooth lock to WiFi for internet access.

It can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

Together, the lock and the WiFi bridge create the August Smart Lock + Connect.

This bundle is a great way to maximize the functionality of the basic smart lock device.

A user needs the Connect bridge to integrate their smart lock with their smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

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Remote access is also only available with the August Connect WiFi Bridge.


  • Mobile app-based access, which means users can lock or unlock the door from a distance, grant guest access when needed, and check door access history.
  • Automatic lock and unlock functionalities. Users can set these two specific time frames, or use the default settings to auto-lock after 30 minutes.
  • Maximum security, thanks to its exclusive DoorSense tech, which is proprietary to August. This tells you when your lock is secured or open and sends regular app notifications.
  • The August Smart Lock Connect uses two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption, and comes with a lost phone feature to disable your August app from afar if you ever lose your phone.
  • Completely keyless entry.
  • A digital guest key feature so users can enable access for trusted visitors.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch.
  • Compatible with August’s Smart Keypad for convenient keycode entry (must be purchased and installed separately).

August Smart Lock Connect pricing

The August Smart Lock — the brand’s most basic smart lock solution — starts at $149.99.

However, the August Smart Lock Connect package costs $228.99.August offers additional bundles with other products and accessories.

These bundles offer great value for the money.

For example, The Good Roommate bundle includes the August Smart Lock + Connect and the August Smart Keypad for added keycode access.

That’s just $259.99, so it’s barely more expensive than purchasing just the August Smart Lock and Connect WiFi Bridge together.

Since WiFi connectivity is required to fully unlock some of this smart lock’s best features, the price of the August Smart Lock is $228.99 for the best user experience.


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