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Wyze Lock Bolt, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock review

Wyze is a U.S.-based business with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, that focuses on wireless cameras and smart home solutions.

Wyze wireless cameras and smart home solutions place a high priority on the confidence our users have in us.

Wyze is providing a variety of products that are suitable for modern living.  

They have the following official website:

Wyze website has a frequent asking question (FAQ) section, details on their security precautions, and best practices for keeping our customer account safe.

Former Amazon workers founded the tiny start-up Wyze Labs.Wyze makes sharing access to your home simple and puts you in complete control.

Moreover, it easily grants or revoke access to your home through the Wyze app.

Wyze Product Line

Wyze Lock Bolt makes a safe entrance into your house easier and more easily than ever before. 

It uses the fingerprint sensor to enter your house in just 0.5 seconds.

The backlit keypad has anti-peep technology in addition to being lighted for usage at night. Enter random numbers before or after your input code to unlock the lock if you’re concerned that someone could see you enter it.

Wyze Technological Aspect

The Wyze app offers more to do and see.You can even utilize Bluetooth to open and lock the door, send one-time-use emergency codes, and establish an auto-lock timer.In just less than a second Wyze Lock Bolt recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks the door.

Its memory stores up to 50 fingerprints in the Wyze app for frequent guests or additional finger options for yourself.

It has features like Numbered Keypad with Anti-Peep). 

This feature uses a code to get in and out.

It creates unique code for every user.

It records who came in with their timings.

It records the loge for when and who has access.

With an anti-peeping function, if someone watches you enter your code. 

Simply add extra digits after and before your code and Wyze Lock Bolt will still unlock.Only you can see the history of how each key is used. 

It provides a lock / unlocks history.

For this function, the user needs a Bluetooth connection. 

Know who came and went in the Wyze app.

You can monitor how it is unlocked, with the exact time.

The user can also see how many times there were failed code attempts. In addition, this modern lock has an auto Locking feature.

In this function never forget to lock the door behind you.

By enabling Auto-Lock, Wyze Lock Bolt automatically locks the door after a custom-set amount of time.

With simple, step-by-step instructions for almost all conventional doors, Wyze Lock Bolt can replace your old deadbolt in approximately 20 minutes.

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