Eufy Smart Lock Keyless, Built-in WiFi, Keypad, App Control Review

The  heufy Security Smart Deadbolt is an amazing home security system that   integrates  robust security features, easy installation, and enhanced convenience.  overall this lock is efficient ,effective and very useful  but this lock is little bit larger than other smart lock 

Why do we need a smart lock?

home security has always been the top and important concern for all peoples. Because everyone wants to keep their relative and their belongings safe and sound .Advancement in science and technology have solved this issue and brought a number of smart lock for our help.

Robust security features 

Like all of other products of this company ,The eufy Security Smart Deadbolt has a number of features and all these features are designed to secure our home and offices .With its  modern and advanced fingerprint technology , you can ensure that only authorized and desired individual can get access to your home, offices and all other premises. This biometric and fingerprint technology reduces the need of keys and to remember the code.

Control from anywhere

Like most of the smart locks you can control this lock  via the eufy Security app. Users of this lock can also integrate their voices with any Alexa devices to control this lock from anywhere and everywhere .These automatic locking features of this lock ensures that your door is always securely locked behind you.

Number of ways to unlock 

This lock provides the 5 number of ways to unlock the door .you can unlock the door

 by using

  1.  key pass or traditional keys ,
  2. With you voice 
  3. Apple watch
  4. Eufy security app 
  5. Backup power

It means no need to worry about carrying keys all the time .

 How to install ?

Installing  process of eufy security smart lock is infect a hassle free process . the company provides useful instructions to install this lock even you can get help from videos for further assistance . by compiling all these instructions users can install this lock within a minutes.

About eufy 

Eufy is one of the most well known and popular smart lock manufacturing company .since its beginning, company is trying to make its customer life safer and batter . company research and development department is expanding its research to discover and to develop the new products to ensure the security of its valuable customers and their belongings .


  1. Unlike most of the smart locks its fingerprint reader responds efficiently and effectively
  2. Easy to install and easy to operate 
  3. Allows you to set 50 fingerprints and 100 passcodes
  4. Can create a temporary passcode for services providers


  1. Unlike most of the smart lock ,it is giant in size 
  2. Difficult to get the duplicate of keys 

Standard design to avoid modification 

One of the standout feature of this lock, it is designed to fit on most standard doors without modification. The deadbolts can be easily fit on the surface of doors without putting any hard efforts . this feature of this lock makes it better then all other devices .

Keyless Entry and Remote Access

The eufy smart lock provides a support of remote access to allow the users to control and monitor their home security from anywhere and everywhere .this lock has 50 fingerprint and 100 individual codes that should be enough for any home . through its advanced features users can grant access to any one even to the service provider.

About this item

  • Can be controlled from anywhere and everywhere even no bridge is required
  • Several ways to unlock the door like via eufy smart app, smart watch .Alexa device .and with wi-fi
  • Take 15 minutes to install without drilling , company provide 24/7 customer support service till 18 month of purchase.
  •  BHMA Certified after being locked and unlocked more than 100,000 times.
  • Fingerprint sensor glows red after 5 tries of wrong attemp

Durability and battery life 

Its battery is constructed from high quality material to enhance its life .the deadbolt cant withstand temperature even of severe type .its sensor can recognize the fingerprint at once whether registered or not .when someone who is not authorized to unlock the door try to unlock the door and keep trying for 5 times the fingerprint reader glows red .

Product information

Technical Details

Brand‎Eufy security
Special Feature‎Stable Built-in Wi-Fi, Access management, Real-time notification, Event History, BHMA Certified
Lock Type‎Keypad
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎8.66 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches
Recommended Uses For Product‎Security
Style‎Built-in Wi-Fi Smart Lock
Number Of Pieces‎2
Finish Type‎Matte
Controller Type‎Amazon Alexa
Control Method‎App, Remote, Touch, Voice
Part Number‎T8502111
Item Weight‎3.34 pounds
Product Dimensions‎8.66 x 3.15 x 7.09 inches
Item model number‎T8502
Batteries‎4 A batteries required. (included)
Special Features‎Stable Built-in Wi-Fi, Access management, Real-time notification, Event History, BHMA Certified
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium


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