Pure Enrichment Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist,360°R Review

pure enrichment says” breathe easy all day and every day” .its humidification lasts 25 hours and covers the area of 250sqft.it has rotation mist nozzle ,operation is very quite ,easy to clean and refill .Allover it ensures value of money for all of its potential buyers


Pure enrichment is a Brand that provides a number of products and all these products are aimed to ease breathing for all day and every day.

Like all other marvelous products, pure enrichment brings a many award winning, humidifiers to enable its customer to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Like all of our other products this humidifier is also patented and designed in California.


 This humidifier helps its buyers to breathe easy all day and every day. It’s humidification lasts  25 hours and covers the area of 250sqft which any other brand can’t offer at this price.

This humidifier is meticulously designed to meet the standard and quality present in your mind.

This humidifier is loved by millions and also loved by the press.

360 degree Rotation mist nozzle

You can easily rotate its cap to direct moisture towards those areas where humidity level is very low and this low humidity level becomes the cause of many serious problems.

Optional night light

Its optional night light offers a strong feeling of pleasure to all of its users. Its users can turn off its light to not be disrupted. This feature helps to get a very relaxing sleep even if you are a light sleeper ,baby or adult

Automatic shut off

This humidifier shuts off when the required humidity level has been achieved ,or when it runs out of water. In this sense this humidifier is very friendly to its user.


Its ultrasonic technology induces water droplets by using vibrating elements, it means its operations are very quiet and produce very less noise. It means it also fulfil corporate social responsibility and very friendly to its users

BrandPure Enrichment
Special FeatureQuiet, Auto Shut Off
ColorBlue and White
Capacity1.5 Litres
Floor Area250 Square Feet

100% guaranteed satisfaction

Pure enrichment offers 5 year warranty. In other sense it means users of this humidifier will get 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Humidifiers are basically those  devices which  release water vapor or steam to increase moisture levels in the air (humidity) to prevent us from dryness of skin ,throat, lips etc.


  Studies ,researches and experts have proven that if the air gets too dry you can get sick very easily. It means  dry air is the main cause of many problems like Dry sinuses, bloody noses , cracked lips, coughs and many respiratory problems.

But stained and unwashed humidifiers can also breed mold and bacteria .

But a number of researches have proven that as low humidity levels are dangerous for health ,higher humidity levels are also alarming for health . An ideal humidity level is between 30% – 50%. 


  1. This humidifier is pretty quiet for the price point.
  2. Easy to fill
  3. Zero leakage 
  4. 360° rotation mist nozzle
  5. Efficient  in consuming electricity
  6. 5 year guaranteed warranty


  1. It can be used only with distilled water
  2. Burdensome to clean

Why pure enrichment’s humidifier?

 Pure enrichment says “breath easy all day and everyday. This humidification lasts 25 hours and it covers the area of 250sq ft. This humidifier is thoughtfully designed with you in mind. 

How it looks?

This humidifier is meticulously crafted to meet  the highest quality and design standard.

 It has a 1.5L  large tank that provides all night humidification , and its running time is 25 hours.

It has a 360° rotation mist nozzle that directs moisture towards those areas where it is needed most, no other humidifier has this facility.

It has independent night lights that cast a calming or relaxing blue hue across the room to create a fabulous atmosphere .Its ultrasonic technology creates very less noise; it means it is very less disruptive.

To avoid damages this humidifier shuts off when the water level reaches below to optimal level.


The humidifier adds moisture to the air to moisturize dry skin and throat. This humidifier also relieves allergy and sinus issue. This humidifier also protects your wooden floor and furniture. It also reduces the risk of static electricity. All over ,By setting a suitable humidity level , this humidifier encourages restful sleep, and provides its customers a sigh of relief


This humidifier has number of features ,all these features are given below

  1. Powerful mist output with its customized (high & low ) level setting, makes this humidifier suitable and ideal for baby nurseries ,office ,bedroom and for indoor plants
  2. Ultrasonic cool mist  technology ,quickly humidifies air that lasts 25 hours and covers the area of 250 square feet.
  3. 360° rotation mist nozzle helps to humidify each and every corner of the bedroom .
  4. Its whisper-quiet operation helps  you to get peaceful  sleep without any disturbance.
  5. When water level reached below to certain level, humidifier will automatically shut off to avoid damages
  6. Easy to run even the refiling process is also very easy
  7. This BPA free humidifier fulfil all of its corporate social responsibility
  8. This humidifier  comes with an AC power, adapter and disk cleaning brush.
  9.  Pure Enrichment guaranteed 5-Year Warranty.

Do you want to Refresh spaces around you?

                                    This humidifier , humidifies and soothes dry indoor air of area of 250sqft, and helps you ,your family and your plant to remain healthy. This humidifier protects the wood floor and furniture. This humidifier turns ordinary spaces into heaven of sweet

Product information

BrandPure Enrichment
Special FeatureQuiet, Auto Shut Off
ColourBlue and White
Capacity1.5 Litres
Floor Area250 Square Feet
Operation ModeUltrasonic
Runtime25 hours
Item Weight1.35 Pounds
Model NamePure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
MaterialBPA-Free PS and ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions6″D x 8″W x 9″H
Voltage110 Volts
Wattage12 watts
Power SourceETL Certified AC Power Adapter
Control MethodTouch
Product Dimensions6 x 8 x 9 inches
Item Weight1.35 pounds
ManufacturerPure Enrichment
Item model numberPEHUMIDIF
Customer Reviews4.4 out of 5 stars    109,330 ratings4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#47 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)#2 in Humidifiers
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Assembly RequiredNo
Number of Pieces1
Batteries Required?No


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